Global Sports Advocates provides zealous representation for athletes, coaches, and agents around the world. In these case results, learn how we were able to help our clients successfully resolve their legal issues.

Australian Runner Peter Bol Has Provisional Suspension Lifted

Peter Bol's provisional suspension was lifted by Sport Integrity Australia after his B sample test results did not confirm the A sample's findings. Lawyer Paul Greene condemned the leak of Bol's A sample results before the B sample confirmation, stating that Bol's right to privacy had been violated and his reputation had been damaged.  Learn more here.

Swimmer Jovan Lekić Has Anti-Doping Suspension Reduced on Appeal

Anti-doping attorney Matthew Kaiser successfully argued on Jovan's behalf before the international Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and had a two-year suspension reduced to six months. Learn more here

Football Agent Paid What She's Owed

Football agent Suzana Zoran orchestrated a transfer of a player from Holland to a Slovakian football club named MFK Ruzomberok. While she was entitled to a fee for her services, she was inexplicably never paid the money she was owed by the club. In a proceeding before the Court of Arbitration for Sport, GSA defended Ms. Zoran's right to be paid in full and the CAS Panel ruled in her favor, ordering MFK Ruzomberok to pay Ms. Zoran the full amount she was owed plus all her costs and fees associated with the case.

National Olympic and Sports Committee (NOSC) of Moldova Successfully Represented

The National Olympic and Sports Committee (NOSC) of Moldova suspended a member federation for hindering the participation of Moldovan athletes and coaches in national and international competitions. The member federation challenged the suspension at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). GSA successfully represented the NOSC of Moldova in the CAS proceeding. The Panel presiding over the case sided with the NOSC of Moldova finding there was just cause to issue the suspension since there was a reasonable possibility that the member federation arbitrarily excluded athletes and coaches from competitions in violation of the NOSC Statutes.

Klishina Competes in the Rio Olympics

Darya Klishina was on the outside looking in at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Russian track and field athletes (including Klishina) were ineligible to compete unless they could prove they were clean after the Russian track and field federation was suspended. Klishina hired GSA to represent her in a last-minute appeal to the Ad Hoc Division of the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Rio. With the world watching, GSA successfully proved that Klishina was clean under the governing rules of the international track and field federation. The CAS ruling enabled Klishina to be the only Russian track and field athlete to compete in the Rio Olympics.

Track and Field Gold Medalist Allowed to Compete

Olympic track and field gold medalist Gil Roberts’s career was in jeopardy. Facing a 2-year ban, Roberts hired GSA just days before the U.S. National Championships. He needed to prove the source of a banned substance he never heard of to return to the track and qualify for the World Championships. In an emergency arbitration, GSA established through the compelling testimony of Roberts, his girlfriend and an expert team of scientists and doctors, that a contaminated kiss between Roberts and his girlfriend just hours before his drug test caused the positive test. Roberts qualified for the World Championships and won a silver medal. On appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, GSA prevailed on behalf of Roberts for a second time, allowing him to resume his career once and for all.

Footballer Wins Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) Appeal

It was all or nothing for Croatian footballer Arijan Ademi when he came to GSA having tested positive for a banned substance. UEFA’s 4-year ban would have ended Ademi’s burgeoning career, and an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) was his last chance to prove that the sanction should be reduced. Through GSA’s use of scientific evidence and experienced advocacy, Ademi proved to the CAS Panel that his positive test was unintentional and a reduction of the sanction to 2 years was granted in a first of its kind case. GSA’s successful appeal enabled Ademi to resume his football career.

Track and Field Athlete Found Innocent

Kaliese Spencer was accused of intentionally evading an anti-doping test. She faced a career-ending 4-year ban. The Commonwealth Games gold medalist hired GSA to defend her and prove her innocence. During a 2-day proceeding before the Jamaica Independent Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel, GSA proved through the cross-examination of those who accused Spencer and Spencer’s own testimony that the case against her was wholly unsubstantiated. The Panel found that Spencer was innocent. She was fully vindicated. The Jamaican Anti-Doping Commission was ordered to pay Spencer’s costs associated with the case as punishment for bringing a meritless case.