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Building a strong personal brand, especially as a college athlete in the new Name, Image and Likeness world we're living in, is crucial to enjoying a successful career as an athlete. Branding helps an athlete establish credibility, connect with fans, and attract sponsors—but failing to safeguard your right of publicity or intellectual property rights can put the future of your brand at risk of significant damage. If a person or business entity is attempting to exploit your brand for commercial gain, an experienced NIL attorney at Global Sports Advocates can help stop it and get you the compensation you deserve.

Right of Publicity

According to our NIL attorney, the right of publicity gives athletes the right to control the use of any trait that uniquely identifies them, such as their:

  • Name
  • Image
  • Likeness
  • Voice
  • Signature
  • Distinctive appearance
  • Gestures
  • Mannerisms

There are multiple regulations that protect athletes’ right of publicity under state law and federal law. If you are a college student athlete, additional regulations may apply to you: in July 2021, the NCAA issued an interim NIL policy that applies to all Division I, Division II, and Division III student-athletes. For the first time ever, NCAA student-athletes may now receive compensation in exchange for the licensing of their NIL. In particular, student-athletes can enter into sponsorship agreements to provide autographs, wear branded clothing, monetize their social media accounts, or make personal appearances. However, student-athletes must ensure that they comply with all applicable state NIL laws and governing conference and university rules.

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