Global Sports Advocates has represented clients in over 50 different sports in more than 50 different countries. In this collection of client testimonials, hear what they have to say about working with our firm to resolve their legal concerns. To learn how our team may be able to assist with your legal dispute, please contact our office to request a free consultation.

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  • "I’m very blessed for receiving the representation of Global Sports Advocates!"

    I would like to thank Global Sports Advocates for accepting me as a client and helping me with my case.

    Matthew D. Kaiser and Paul Greene took me in and assured me that they would do their best to get me the results that I desired!

    Although the days were tough of not knowing when I would be able to compete again due to my provisional suspension, Matthew reassured me that they will continue to fight for me until the end and they gracefully did.

    - Aldrich Bailey Jr.

  • "thanks to the excellent job of Mr. Matthew Kaiser"

    My daughter and I just want to say thanks to you and your firm for the great job you did in defending her case.

    We both went through a very stressful time, but thanks to the excellent job of Mr. Matthew Kaiser, we came out 🏆 winners.

    I would recommend you and your firm to anyone who needs an attorney. Thanks again and good luck. 👍🏿

    - Rosalyn C., Paralympic Athlete’s Mother

  • Matt “would be my first choice again.”

    Having faced previous experiences with federations unsupported by attorneys, I can easily say that working with Matt had a huge impact on my future career. His availability for communication and speed of working on my case allowed me to continue focusing on my career, which otherwise would have been impossible. Matt is undoubtedly one of the most intelligent and trustworthy attorneys in the world of athletics, and if needed, he would be my first choice again.

    - Sarah Beard, US National Shooting Team

  • “I’m forever thankful!”

    Paul helped make an incredibly difficult time, as smooth as it could possibly be. His strong passion and commitment to my case was consistent throughout the entire process. And at times when I struggled to keep tenaciously pushing forward, Paul led the way and was my champion. I'm forever thankful!

    - Ajeé Wilson, World Championship track & field medalist

  • Paul is “a great and honest man”

    We want to thank you for the work as our representative at the Court of Arbitration for Sport where we won. You are a great and honest man, very professional and your performance on the court was brilliant. We were proud that we had you as a lawyer.

    - Suzana and Zoran Zoran, FIFA Player Agents

  • Paul is “brilliant, dedicated and honest”

    Paul is brilliant, dedicated and honest, and a triple threat to anyone that goes up against him.

    - Asafa Powell, Olympic gold medalist and the "Sub 10 King"

  • Hiring Paul was "the best decision I could have made”

    Hiring Paul from the very beginning was easily the best decision I could have made for my case. His knowledge in every aspect gave me the utmost confidence that I had the best person on my team. His empathy and careful consideration of me as a person, as well as an athlete, is sincerely appreciated.

    - Madilyn Nickles, USA Softball Olympic Silver Medalist

  • “Paul is a gift to anyone”

    Paul is the alpha attorney. His commitment to serving justice in sport is parallel to serving his client. Paul is a gift to anyone who has worked with him.

    - Phil DeRosier, USA Track and Field Olympic hopeful

  • Matthew “is an exceptional lawyer”

    Matthew D. Kaiser is an exceptional lawyer who goes above and beyond for his clients. His attention to detail is unmatched. He was reassuring and supportive during an extremely stressful time for me, and gave me the proper guidance. I highly recommend him as a lawyer and would trust him with any legal matter.

    - Maksim Tikhomirov, Professional Tennis Player

  • Matthew made the case “easy to understand”

    Because we spoke in different languages, Matt did a great job always getting to the point and making it easy to understand. He was very professional and provided support at a difficult time for me. His attitude toward the case was always 101%!!!

    - Aleksei Medvedev, European cycling champion