At Global Sports Advocates, our International breach of contract lawyers believe athletes, coaches, and other sports stakeholders deserve to be fairly compensated for their efforts. If you need assistance resolving a breach of contract claim or a contract dispute, we’re here to help.

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Types of Sports Contracts Our Breach of Contract Lawyers Can Help With

In the sports industry, contracts govern competition as well as the work that goes on behind the scenes. Our International breach of contract lawyers can assist with various types of contracts:

  • Employment contracts between athletes and teams or clubs
  • Contracts between athletes and their agents
  • Promotion, advertising, or marketing contracts
  • Appearance contracts
  • Endorsement contracts
  • Coaching contracts

Negotiating a Favorable Contract

If you are in the process of negotiating a sponsorship agreement or player contract, we encourage you to contact our breach of contract lawyers to ensure that you understand the terms of the contract and that it protects your rights as an athlete before you sign on the dotted line. Having experienced sports attorneys review the proposed contract is a proactive measure that can avoid potential misunderstandings that might put your career, reputation, or future earnings at risk. 

Resolving Contract Disputes

It is generally best to resolve sports industry contract disputes through alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration. However, sometimes, litigation is the only way to resolve a dispute. Since Global Sports Advocates focuses solely on sports law, our International breach of contract lawyers have the skills and experience necessary to protect your interests throughout all stages of a contract dispute while minimizing the negative publicity that could come from high-profile cases.

Understanding Breach of Contract Claims

desk of an International breach of contract lawyer for sportsLegally, the contracts used in sports are akin to those in any other industry. They are binding agreements between two or more parties that can trigger specific penalties if the terms of the contract aren’t fulfilled.

Breach of contract cases in sports law can involve a wide range of issues, including (1) sponsors wrongly terminating contracts with athletes; (2) disputes between clubs over non-payment of a transfer fee, training compensation, or solidarity mechanism; (3) teams refusing to pay an agent; and (4) clubs refusing to pay a player their salary.

In a breach of contract case, you can be awarded:

  • Damages for loss of income, loss of earnings capacity, and other consequential losses
  • Attorneys’ fees
  • Court costs

Our International Breach of Contract Lawyers Provide Top-Notch Representation

It’s not uncommon for sports contracts to involve hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in potential compensation or bonuses. When the stakes are high, you need legal representation you can trust. We are zealous advocates for clients facing any type of sports contract dispute or sports breach of contract claim.

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Are You an Athlete Involved in a Contract Dispute?

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