National & International Sports Governance Attorneys

A sports governing body is responsible for promoting and growing their sport. More importantly, it is responsible for ensuring that its members comply with all governing rules and regulations. They also work with the International Federation of their sport, the National Olympic Committee, and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to advocate for their athletes and ensure they are poised to succeed at the highest level in national and international competition. The sports governance role is essential to resolving disputes, sanctioning improper behavior, and advancing the collective interests of their athletes.

Addressing Sports Governance Concerns

Global Sports Advocates works with sports organizations on governance issues. We:

  • Handle internal disputes with member federations. We ensure the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders are clearly defined and that leaders have the information they need to promote informed decision-making during the dispute resolution process.
  • Ensure compliance with international or national regulations. We work with our clients to ensure their governing rules and regulations are compliant with the laws in place.  These include bylaws, team selection criteria, and SafeSport policies.
  • Provide advice regarding crisis management. We help clients address a potential crisis in a way that protects the long-term interests of athletes, coaches, and other stakeholders involved in their sport. In addition, we can proactively identify and prioritize areas where changes should be made to avoid future issues.

Resolving Conflicts

Our sports governance attorneys provide advisory services that help establish the best practices for sports regulation. We also help sports governing bodies to proactively avoid situations that may lead to conflict and litigation.

Establishing Best Practices

At Global Sports Advocates, our sports governance attorneys provide governance advice for sport governing bodies to ensure their practices are effective, efficient, transparent, and fully accountable. Our firm also handles cases involving internal grievances and alternative dispute resolution.

Are You in Need of Assistance? Our Sports Governance Attorneys Can Help!

If you have questions about governance practices or need help resolving a specific issue related to your sport governing body, it is critical to speak with our experienced sports governance attorneys as soon as possible. Please contact us online or call us directly at +1-207-747-5899 to schedule your initial consultation. 

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