FIFA arbitration requires an experienced sports law attorney.The independent Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), often colloquially referred to as the Supreme Court for Sports Disputes, has the power to resolve disputes between FIFA, member associations, clubs, players, officials, confederations, leagues, intermediaries, and licensed match agents. An expedited process is in place to handle disputes related to the World Cup.

Arbitration Rules for the 2022 FIFA World Cup

CAS has created an Ad Hoc Division to handle disputes related to the World Cup. The Panel will rule on disputes pursuant to FIFA regulations and applicable Swiss law. Arbitrations can be held in English, French, or Spanish.

Bringing a Dispute Before the Ad Hoc Division

If you wish to bring a dispute before the World Cup Ad Hoc Division, you must deliver or email a written application to the CAS Court Office after all internal FIFA legal remedies have been exhausted. The application must include a copy of the decision being challenged as well as a statement of the facts and legal arguments related to the dispute.

When the application is received by the CAS, the President of the Ad Hoc Division will appoint a sole arbitrator or a Panel composed of three arbitrators. The Panel will then summon all parties to a hearing, unless the arbitrators have determined enough information is available to issue a decision without holding a formal hearing. Hearings will be held by phone or video conference. The Panel can proceed as scheduled even if one or both parties fail to appear or comply with a summons.

At the hearing, the Panel will review all available evidence. The Panel has the discretion to decide whether to admit or exclude evidence and to assess the weight of evidence.

After all evidence has been reviewed, the Panel may either make a final award or refer the dispute to arbitration by the CAS in accordance with the Code of Sports-Related Arbitration. If the dispute is referred to regular CAS procedure, the Panel may grant preliminary relief that will remain in place until the regular CAS arbitrators decide otherwise. The decision, which must be given within 48 hours of the application submission unless there are extenuating circumstances, is immediately enforceable and may not be appealed.

Do You Need Assistance With CAS Arbitration for a FIFA World Cup Dispute?

Parties involved in a FIFA World Cup dispute may be represented by the sports arbitration and litigation attorney of their choice. Since these disputes are extremely time-sensitive, you should contact a lawyer immediately. Our attorneys, Paul Greene and Matthew Kaiser, have extensive experience handling cases before the International Court of Arbitration for Sport and will advocate for your interests throughout the arbitration process. Contact us online or call us directly at +1-207-747-5899 to schedule a consultation.

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